How healthy it is to kiss your dog?

We come home to find the dog sitting by the door, wagging its tail, bouncing, happy to see us;we quickly let go of our bags, we grab him and give him a big kiss or let him lick our face.
A lot of owners kiss their pets (even I do that), but we really do not think about the hygiene factor of this action of ours. In the end his mouth is as clean as ours, right?
Well, not quite. I do not want to influence you not to do it anymore, I just want you to be informed of the risks
Think about what they eat, lick, what they sniff (garbage disposals, another dog`s rear end). The truth is the bacteria found on his muzzle are not very harmfull, they might even boost our immune system as some people say.

A human`s mouth, as well as an animal`s mouth have a great variety of bacteria. But most of them do not harm us , even if there are still a few to take in consideration. Parasites , as belly worms, tapeworms, round worms, Giardiasis can be transmitted to humans. Salmonella, can also be transmitted to humans, but humans can also transmit it to dogs. Cats, for example, can be infected with Barthonelosis or Toxoplasmosis, diseases that are common to humans and animals.
People with a weak immune system should avoid actually kissing their pets. There are included here small children, pregnant women or with a precarious immune status, because this limitates the organism`s ability to fight against infection.
We quote Dr. Paul Maza, co-director at the Veterinary Medicine College from Cornell University (article picked up on foxnews): “Many bacterias from dogs and cats are the same tipe of bacterias found in humans. If owners would use methods of cleaning the pets` mouth, such as teeth brushing, it would actually be cleaner than a human mouth.[…]Because most of the bacterias are so much alike in human and animal mouth, kissing you pet is as safe as kissing another person. Probably you could get more bacterias from a human being that from a dog or cat”.

In conclusion, speaking from a medical point of view, kissing you pet is not healthy and as a matter of fact, smoking is not healthy or recommended either.