Know your rights! Not all dogs must wear a muzzle.

Increasingly pet owners experiencing problems walking pets in public places. So we have selected for you some passages of Emergency on the regime of ownership of dangerous or aggressive dogs and I exposed in a systematic way.

According to Art. 34 pet owners have the following obligations during the parade of animals on public land:
- Carrying the materials needed to clean the place and physiological manure disposal (plastic bags are sufficient);
- To have health cards for them and ensure their vaccination in accordance with veterinary in force;
- Do not allow pets in the green spaces of parks, public gardens and the associated housing estates, in playgrounds for children, shops and markets food products

The Official Gazette no. 146 of 27 February 2014 was republished GEO nr. 55/2002 on the regime of ownership of dangerous or aggressive dogs.

Within this normative act reads:
    Art. 1 By means dangerous dogs breeds dogs belonging to the following, grouped into two categories, as follows:
           a) Category I: Dogs fight and attack morphology assimilated by Pit Bull type dogs, Boerbull, Bandog and their half-breeds;
           b) Class II: American Staffordshire Terrier breed dogs, Tosa, Rottweiller, Dogo Argentino, Mastino Napolitano Brazileiro tab, Mastiff, Caucasian Sheepdog, Cane Corso and their half-breeds.
   Art. 2 By means aggressive dogs:
  - Any dog that, without provocation, bite or attack people or pets in the public or private
  - Any dog that participate in fights between dogs or has been trained for this purpose.
Do not fall into the category dogs aggressive:
- Any dog that attacks or bites a person who has entered without right, in any manner, in a private or public property protected by the dog;

- Any dog used by police units, gendarmerie, other military units, the units customs or public safety services, safety and security, which, being in the mission, attacked or bitten a person.
Owners of aggressive dogs temporary staff and / or dangerous must meet the following conditions: to have at least 18 years to have full legal capacity, has not been convicted of a crime against the person
Owners of dogs temporary staff are required to register dogs at Kennel Romanian, affiliated to the FCI, and clearly shown at the entrance to the apartment or in the building or on the property that related fencing, warning "dangerous dog" or, where appropriate, "aggressive dog" through a pad having dimensions of at least 15 x 25 cm.
Dog owners are required to submit to the police station in whose jurisdiction the property is situated is owned dog photocopy a certificate issued by the Romanian Kennel Club, affiliated to the FCI, showing framing dog in the categories provided, as and an affidavit containing the following data:
- The identification number of the dog, applied by tattoo or microchip;
- Conducting rabies vaccination and boosters, according to the legal provisions in force;
- Performing the sterilization of dogs in category I (half-breeds);
- Existence of liability insurance for any damage caused by dogs in category I.
In case of change of address building dog owners are required to submit within 48 hours at the police station in whose jurisdiction is the new address, the documents referred to above.
Loss or death of a dog, and dogs alienation incadratiin category II will be declared within 48 hours at the police station in whose jurisdiction the property is the ownership of the dog.

Art. 6. - (1) Dogs are stipulated in Art. 1 lit. a) in public places, on public transport and in other public places, except public roads and access roads to them, it is forbidden

             Dogs are stipulated in art. 1 letter b) and the Belgian Shepherd Malinois breed dogs, German Shepherd, Doberman, Presa Canario, Central Asian Shepherd Dog Komondor, Kuvasz, Giant Schnauzer and their half-breeds in public places, on public transport, in public places, such as and the common parts of buildings is only permitted if they are wearing a muzzle and a leash held by a person who fulfills the requirements of art. 3 paragraphs. (1). in special places for dogs Dogs provided for in this paragraph shall be allowed without a muzzle and leash.

Art. 17. - There are punishable offenses under the present ordinance if the victim entered criminalized acts without law, in any manner, in a private or public property protected by the dog or if the intervention was determined by defending dog owner or temporary holder, the victim of a crime imminent violence perpetrated against him.
The dogs may be exempt from wearing muzzle when certified by a veterinarian as it shows respiratory problems.
Police agencies are not qualified to differentiate aggressive breed criteria.

In conclusion: it is mandatory that all pets leashed to know and have on your plastic bag (with proof make cleaning manure), health card and proof of registration in the Register of dogs with owners. Is not mandatory for all pets to wear muzzles than those mentioned in Article 1, letter a) and b).