Otitis in dogs and cats

External otitis is represented by inflammation of the external ear canal, and in severe cases may be complicated by media otitis which is an inflammation of the middle ear. Both terms are used to describe clinical symptoms and not a disease in itself.

External otitis occurs when the normal environment of the ear canal changes and ear canal lining glands enlarge and secrete excess wax. Gradually mucosa lining the ear canal produce excessive fibrous tissue and it narrows. Is normally a secondary symptom of another disease, such as infection. External otitis causes pain, itching, redness, and when the condition is chronic can lead to rupture of the eardrum and otitis media.

SYMPTOMS. The most common symptoms of otitis externa and media are the pain, beats his head, scratching the ear and ear odor. Your veterinarian is the only one who is able to confirm the severity of otitis. If your dog keeps his head tilted, shows no coordination in walking, vomiting may indicate otitis media or internal development represents a very serious condition.

CAUSES. External otitits and medium otitis can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common causes are: parasites, food allergies, reactions to certain medications, foreign bodies, accumulation of hair or some autoimmune diseases. Also excessive humidity caused by swimming or washing, bacterial infection or some mushrooms can cause otitis.

DIAGNOSIS. In most cases diagnosis is based on clinical signs and medical history, but most used equipment for diagnosing otitis either parasitic or otherwise is the microscope by examining secretions from the ear.

TREATMENT. Most mild cases of ear infections can be treated by simply ear cleaning made with special solution (alcohol, boric or salicylic acid). But in cases of moderate or severe otitis resorting to antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and ear drops. Resorting to special treatment when it comes to parasitic otitis (most incriminated parasite is the Otodectes cynotis) that require long-term treatment against parasites and deworming monthly (with products like Advocate or Stronghold).