Vaccinations, internal and external anti-parasitic treatments
Common and specialty medical consultation
Canine and Feline Dentistry
Ultrasonic scaler
Urinalysis and urine sediment
Registration of dogs in the national database
MINDRAY BC 2800 hematology unit and Reflovet blood biochemistry unit

The MINDRAY BC 2800 hematology unit and Reflovet blood biochemistry unit have a very good results accuracy, and the working time is fast (about 10 minutes).

Ultrasound device MIDRAY DP 10 VET

The MIDRAY DP 10 VET is an ultrasound device with a great image clarity.
It is used in the diagnosis of various diseases of the abdominal cavity, urinary, uterine infections etc.


The microscope is used to diagnose:
- Various skin disorders
- Babesiosis
- Heartworm disease
- Ear mite infestations in dogs and cats
- Determining the optimal period for reproduction in female dogs.

Inhalational anesthesia and oxygen concentrator

Inhalational anesthesia reduces to a minimum the risk of surgery.

The Oxygen Concentrator device is successfully used in various respiratory disorders.

Therapy Infusion Pump

The Therapy Infusion Pump is used to dispense the correct amount of solution for infusion.

RIKTA Physiotherapy apparatus

The RIKTA physiotherapy device (RED / INFRARED / CHROME – BLUE LIGHT) is used:
- in various musculoskeletal disorders
- for its anti-inflammatory effect
- for its anti-edematous effect
- as an analgesic
- for electro-stimulation
- to boost the immunity etc.

Capnography device

Capnography is used to monitor vital functions during surgery.

Dog and cat grooming services
Pet hotel

We host cats and dogs in interior individual paddocks.

Pet Shop and Pharmacy

- Food (premium and super premium) for dogs, cats, rodents etc.
- Diet food
- Accessories
- Medication and nutritional supplements
- Internal and external anti-parasitic treatments