Veterinary medical emergency – Gastric dilatation and Gastric torsion

Gastric dilatation and volvulus sindrome (gastric torsion) are reprezented by the dilatation of the stomach and its curling around its central ax. It happens when the stomach fills up with gas, liquid or food, it gets bigger, then it curls (gastric torsion) blocking the blood circulation towards it.
The colapse of the circulatory system can lead to heart arrhythmia and even death.
The most frequent sings of gastric dilatation are: dilated/swollen abdomen, the state of apathy of the animal, hipersalivation, heavy breathing and anxiousness.

If you notice any of theese simptoms, contact your vet, because gastric dilatation is a medical emergency and when it is followed by gastric torsion it leads to surgery. If you notice these changes quick, the chances for your animal to survive are substantials.
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Although today there is no explanation for what is the cause of this affection, the circumstances that increase the risk of it`s occurance can be: excessive eating, eating fast right after effort, intense activity after eating or drinking water, stress, some foods that can ferment or genetic predisposition.
Some of the breeds with such predisposition are: The Great Dane, Irish Setter, Doberman, German Sheppard, the Saint Bernard, Boxer, Dalmatian, Pointer, Dog de Bordeaux, Argentinian Dog, Basset Hound, Shar-Pei.

The methods of preventing this affection are strictly connected with the causes mentioned above, that is why it is important to feed your animal twice a day, do not take him running after he ate or feed him after an intense training. He must not drink water right after eating, but after a pause of at least 30 minutes.

The diagnosis in such a problem can be made based on clinic signs and anamnetic data, but also with the help of an radiological exam and the treatment is a complex one, represented by intravenous perfusion to eliminate the shock, administration of medicinal charcoal that absorbs the intestinal gas and antispastics. The veterinary doctor is the only one able to establish the proper treatment protocol for your animal, depending on the clinic signs.

In case of gastric torsion, it is mandatory to intervene surgically to reposition the stomach. And also make the gastropexia of the stomach which means attaching the stomach to the abdominal wall, because if this procedure is not carried out, the risk of relapse is high.