Weird dog behavior - part 2 - Scooting

Often happens to see our pet that rub their ass on the grass or at home on the carpet.

Most often there is no medical problem, it is normal when preceded by the act of defecation. In other words, a dog after he made his needs, urge to "delete" at the ass.

There are many theories that underlie this phenomenon. Another possible cause could be the presence of intestinal worms that could result in a state of itching. Veterinarians recommend prophylactic administration and periodic (at every 3 months) internal dewormers pills. Even if you have given them recently deworming pill, it is possible for it to still have worms, or to be infested meantime. Like any animal, when it comes out, tends to smell and lick all sorts of things that can contain larvae of nematodes or oocysts.

Also perianal glands can be another cause of your pet desire to rub the ground. When he has just one vacuum or in the situation and inability to empty them tends to rub the bottom of ground. It can become a serious medical problem if ignored.

In conclusion, if the problem persists and your pet more often crawling with ground floor you should consult your veterinarian to determine the exact cause.