Weird dog behavior - running around its tail

At first sight, this type of run may look like a normal behavioral activity of a playfull animal. Problems occur when such activities become obsessive, the dog automutilates itself or he cannot be distracted by other new activities. Such a behavior is often seen in cases in which the animals stay in doors too much and can`t have the space to manifest , but it can also occur in its normal environment ( in the yard or in the house).
The causes of this excessive running around the tail can involve some behavioral aspects, medical problems or even both. We can mention boredom, looking for attention, anxiety or even joy.
Some dogs that suffer from anxiety can run for their tail, this being some sort of stimulus or It can be something unspecific. Sometimes , in cases where the dog had some type of injury to one of its back legs, he can cover this dincomfort by chasing its tail or even bitting it. Neurologically speaking this kind of behavior is normal.

As long as we are not speaking about some sort of medical issue, dermatitis or something that can give discomfort in this region, chasing its tail can be a behavior earned (for the simple purpose of amusement) and it does not represent a medical problem.
It can be solved with treats, punishment, moving his attention elsewhere in the moment he heads for its tail.